Roger Sherman

former cityLAB co-director • UCLA faculty • Licensed Architect • MArch (Harvard GSD) • BA Design of the Environment (U Penn)

Roger Sherman was co-founder of cityLAB in 2006 and co-Director until 2015, when he assumed his current position at Gensler architects to undertake urban design projects. As principal of Roger Sherman Architecture and Urban Design in Culver City, his work and research deals with how new modes of collective life may be produced by harnessing the self-organizing logics of cities. His book "LA Under the Influence: Negotiating the Complex Logic of Urban Property" (Univ of Minn.) uses game theory as a means of understanding the stakeholder dynamics of urban development, and its formal potentials. Most recently, he co-edited, with Dana Cuff, "Fast Forward Urbanism:Reconnecting Architecture and City" (Princeton) Mr. Sherman also organized and edited "RE American Dream: Six Housing Prototypes for Los Angeles" (Princeton 1995). His work has earned wide recognition, including in Newsweek and CNN, and at the 2010 Venice Biennale ("Playa Rosa") and 2009 Rotterdam Biennale ("Duck-and-Cover: Thinking Out of the Big Box"); and has received numerous awards, including form the AIA (RePark, FreshKills Landfill End Use Plan, Staten Island); and Railyard Park (a repurposed railyard-cum-public space in Santa Fe, NM).