AB2299 - 2017 Accessory Dwelling Unit Law


After ten years of research, cityLAB Director Dana Cuff and cityLAB Fellow Jane Blumenfeld co-authored AB2299 for Assemblyman Richard Bloom. In January of 2017, that new California state law took effect, and represents one of cityLAB's core achievements. The law encourages homeowners to build “granny flats” and is significantly increasing their construction all across the state. These housing units go by many names (backyard homes, secondary units, garage apartments, and the one we use here: accessory dwelling units or ADUs). Most homeowners can imagine many ways to use a rental unit on their property—for an elderly relative, extra income, a caregiver, or a grown child living at home. But many homeowners do not know that the City of Los Angeles has made it easier than ever to add a legal rental unit to a single-family home. Even still, the planning and building process is complicated. This handbook serves as a guide so homeowners can decide if it is possible to build an ADU on their property. It provides preliminary answers to key questions and shows the steps the City will require, and what the design and construction of an ADU will entail.

Project Type:    policy
Authors:    Dana Cuff
Jane Blumenfeld
Assemblyman Richard Bloom
Collaborators:    Los Angeles City Planning Department
Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety
Mayor Eric Garcetti's Bloomberg Innovation Team
Genesis LA
Council District 7
Pacoima Beautiful
Timeline:    2016-2017
Themes:    postsuburban city
Read the full bill

Read the full bill